Monday, February 14, 2011

Here is just one Pitty waiting for a good home

Name: BREEESA (here since October 23, 2009)
DOB: Nov. 2007 approx.
Gender: female
Size: 40 lbs, and thats pushing it
Other dogs: NO WAY
Cats: NO
Kids: to be determined

Profile: This little pocket rocket is one of my favorite dogs here.  There's just something about her that a true Pit Bull person has to admire.  Though dog aggressive, she quickly responds to human interaction.  The little spit fire that she is, she also loves nothing more than to curl up with her person.  She is also perfectly crate trained and we are working on better leash behavior around other dogs.  This little gal is for Pit Bull experienced owners only but what a treasure she is.

Animal Planets Pit Bulls and Parolees

If you have just skipped over the animal planet or have just not really cared to watch the network it has really awesome shows like Animal Police, Dogs 101, etc. but the one that has really tugged at my heart strings has been Pit Bull and Parolees. The owner of a rescue center, Tia, has dedicated herself to house, find foster homes, and to do thorough home inspections to make sure that these dogs get a great home  Villalobos houses over 200 pit bulls and pit bull mixes as well as is the workplace for a handful of parolees which like the pitbulls have been misunderstood. To find out more about Villalobos and the pitbulls they have available visit these websites